About Tzu Chi Merit (Singapore)

Originating from Hualien, Taiwan, Tzu Chi has since expanded its presence in all five continents. This seed of great love took root more than 30 years ago when expatriates from Taiwan begun charity work in Singapore. Witnessing this altruism, a group of locals was deeply inspired to help those in need, alleviating their hardships. The initial cadre of volunteers pooled together local resources and commenced charitable endeavours dedicated to supporting the impoverished in their community.

In response to the needs of the community and the evolving laws and regulations of the government, Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore) Ltd. was officially registered on 26 April 2016 as a local charity organisation.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore) Ltd. aims to promote the spirit of Buddhism by carrying out charitable and religious activities for the benefit of all beings. Additionally, the organisation seeks to channel the goodwill of Singaporeans towards overseas humanitarian relief efforts. It is committed to promoting a spirit of love that transcends religious affiliations, racial distinctions and national boundaries.

Our Missions

Purifying minds and hearts
Bringing about harmony in society
Mitigating disasters in the world


Our Objectives are to:

In Singapore, Tzu Chi is also registered as Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore) in 1993 to promote charitable causes for local relief.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore) Ltd. - UEN: 201611166R