Local Charity Assistance

As a prosperous and buzzing multi-cultural hub, Singapore is able to attract talents from all around the world. However, financial aids available to the migrants here are limited. Since 2016, Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore) Ltd. has been carrying out charitable works to help migrants who are on work permit and visit pass here.

One of Tzu Chi’s long-term charitable acts is funding medical fees to help patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). They are [KH1] mainly brides from Vietnam and Thailand who faced challenges getting subsidies for their long-term medications. Additionally, Tzu Chi works with various pharmaceutical companies to provide medications directly to the care recipients.

Besides medical and financial aids, Tzu Chi volunteers provide holistic care to cater to the diverse needs of every care recipient. Every month, volunteers visit beneficiaries at their homes to check on their well-being and help them regain independence over time. The warmth and Great Love from the community help them feel that it is a home away from home here.

Annual HIV Medical Support (SGD) 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with lockdown measures implemented in many countries to curb the spread of the virus, many non-residents across Singapore were caught in a difficult situation. In April 2020, the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore reached out to Tzu Chi Singapore to help 250 Sri Lanka students who were unable to return home after completing their studies. Immediate support was provided to the students in the form of food items and daily necessities such as cooking oil, rice, salt and 15 other items to help them tide over the unexpected situation.